Andy knew he was being followed. It was rather easy to catch that sort of movement, even with a large crowd like this.

Los Angeles wasn’t really his favorite place in all parts of America. It was too wide open in places that should be together and too close when it should give more room. 

But with recent developments and issues with Abstergo always searching to eliminate them, William had them always jumping from one place to another.

It never stopped that someone was still following him, whether it was because of simple interest of stalking or that they were a Templar agent. He didn’t hope for either. He just had to lose them as he passed through a few people to enter Union Station.

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    "I did not state that I was even a machine," Andy glared, turning to him as he paused his analyzing for a bit. Hands now...
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    "Fuck-" Noel hit a fist against the metal doors, and pushed at the buttons until they opened. He ran out, and up,...